Get more out of your WolfVision Visualizer and Cynap systems

vSolution Link enables a user to connect a computer directly to a compatible Visualizer or camera. The software allows for saving, printing and emailing of images, recording of videos, adding annotations and video streaming. It can also automate the Visualizer firmware update process.

When used together with a Cynap system, the vSolution Link software provides significant benefits for administrators:
  • Bulk firmware updates of multiple Cynap systems and connected Visualizers
  • Remote setup and administration of Cynap/Cynap Core systems
  • Time-saving remote adjustment of settings
collaboration, usability, flexibility

Empower your Visualizer

Wolfvision's vSolution Link is a newly designed piece of software with a modern user interface. Unique to vSolution Link is the possibility to capture not just video recordings but also audio recordings, as well as streaming Visualizer images onto a network. In addition it comes with a newly integrated annotation tool offering a wide range of painting and writing options to create more effective presentations. vSolution Link is available for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and Mac, and just like the previous version it is provided free of charge for all WolfVision customers. vSolution Link software is available in English, German, Japanese, Russian and French languages.

Presentation and collaboration in the classroom


Wolfvision's vSolution Link offers a completely new graphical user interface, which allows you to use the firmware even more intuitively. Due to its modular design the software can be easily tailored to suit your individual requirements – you choose whether you want the “Viewer-function“ of the preview monitor, the complete version including the annotation tool or the administrator function.


WolfVision's Visualizers are fully controllable using the interactive remote control within the vSolution Link Software. For zooming in or out, recording or saving live images, our software helps to increase the functionality of your Visualizer. Besides the multi lingual settings, our vSolution Link offers greater flexibility when a number of visualizers are being used. On the one hand they can be upgraded automatically via a firmware update, while on the other hand it allows you to operate various Visualizers in parallel saving a great deal of time and costs for IT administrators.

WolfVision vSolution Link


Until now streaming was only possible with those WolfVision Visualizers that had a built-in Ethernet port. Loading vSolution Link onto your PC or laptop means you can now perform this function with all other WolfVision models too. Lecturers and trainers can now do presentations interactively via the web with an audience thousands of miles away. As with its previous version, Wolfvision's vSolution Link software works perfectly with all interactive whiteboards. Furthermore, it is fully TWAIN and WIA compatible.
WolfVision vSolution Link

vSolution Link for 32-bit Windows

Optimized for Visualizer models with USB 2.0 port. This software also works with older computers or Visualizers who only support USB 1.1.
Version (released March 18, 2019) for:
  • Windows 7
  • Requires .NET 4.0 Client Profile
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
Download vSolution Link for 32-bit Windows (Serial/USB/LAN) button download

vSolution Link for 64-bit Windows

The software and all specifications are identical to the 32-bit version.
Version (released March 18, 2019) for:
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Requires .NET 4.0 Client Profile
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 64-bit
Download vSolution Link for 64-bit Windows (Serial/USB/LAN) button download

Additional Information

Operating manual for vSolution Link
Release notes TXT button download
Installation hints for administrators PDF button download
The vSolution Link software can communicate with all current and most previous WolfVision Visualizer models and with the camera EYE-12 over LAN and USB connections. Communication over Serial RS232 connection is also possible but limited to Firmware Updates and controlling.

vSolution Link Software for Apple Macintosh

Version 1.5 (Released March 07, 2018)

Apple Macintosh OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher is supported.
Please note: The firmware update function of this software does not work with WolfVision Visualizer models released before June 2003 (VZ-8, VZ-8light, VZ-8plus, VZ-27, VZ-57 and VZ-C10).
Download vSolution Link Software (USB/LAN) for Apple Macintosh button download

Operating manual for vSolution Link Software for Apple Macintosh
Release notes for vSolution Link Software for Apple Macintosh


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