Cynap case study: Okayama University, Japan

WolfVision Cynap case study, Okayama University, Japan
Our latest Cynap case study is now available. Okayama University in Japan has already installed several Cynap presentation and collaboration systems, with plans to install further units throughout the entire university. An innovative and exciting combination of the BYOD, recording and streaming features of Cynap has enabled the university to optimize information sharing and collaboration in the classroom.

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Cynap showcase at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam: Stand 1M20

Cynap: for presentation and collaboration
Sharing knowledge is easy when you’ve got the right tools to do the job. With digital information in so many formats – and stored in many different places - for successful collaborative working and learning, you have to be sure you can access it easily whenever you need it.

Cynap helps you to do this, by playing, displaying, recording and streaming all your content materials. Any device, any file, any location.

There’s never been a better time to ‘bring your own device’

Because knowledge matters – to all of us!

See Cynap for yourself at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam - stand 1M20

More information and Cynap video: www.cynap.net

Controlling Cynap: Flexible presentation and collaboration

It's super easy to control our Cynap ‪‎presentation‬ and ‪‎collaboration‬ system. Check out this new short help video for an overview of the various controlling options.

Cynap is a powerful collaboration system that enables high performance presentation, recording, and distribution of all types of multimedia content material. It's compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and you can access your content materials from any wired or wireless source - whether stored locally or in the cloud.

More information: www.Cynap.net

Visualizer systems: innovation on the ceiling!

Installing a WolfVision Visualizer system on the ceiling makes a lot of sense: no messy wires, no equipment on the table, and best of all - the unique synchronized lightfield makes it really easy for presenters and lecturers to know exactly where to position their content materials for on-screen display and recordings. Just take a look at this video!

Our latest VZ-C6 Visualizer is also an ideal partner for your new Cynap system. Install them together and you have a ‘best of both worlds’ presentation and collaboration solution, enabling materials of all types to be shown on-screen and recorded – 'live’ 3-dimensional materials, digital content, information stored on laptops, iOS, or Android devices. In fact: information of any type, from any source!

More information: www.wolfvision.com

Presentation and collaboration: bring any device!

Cynap: for wireless presentation and collaboration
Using a Cynap system makes collaboration and knowledge sharing using your own personal devices simply easier than ever before. With support for both AirPlay and Miracast you can use any smartphone, tablet or laptop to get your data wirelessly up on screen. It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and it works great – every time!

Whatever you need to show – Windows or Mac laptops, iOS or Android devices – up to four screens can be displayed simultaneously – and with up to 4K UHD resolution, you can be sure that your on-screen information will always look fantastic.

Need to archive your content, or share it remotely: it’s no problem - you can record and stream everything too!

More information and Cynap video: www.cynap.net

Cynap case study from InAVate Magazine

Check out this pdf of the printed case study from the latest issue of InAVate Magazine about the new 'Exemplar' room' at Staffordshire University in the UK. The installation, by UK partner Pure AV is designed as a 'collaboration and active learning space', and features the 'world's first' installation of Cynap.

More Information: www.cynap.net

Video of first Cynap installation in the UK

This video case study has been produced by InAVate Magazine about the new 'Exemplar' room' at Staffordshire University in the UK. The installation, by UK partner Pure AV is designed as a 'collaboration and active learning space', and features the world's first installation of Cynap.

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WolfVision systems in universities

Flexible imaging is essential for successful learning. Check out this YouTube playlist of our Visualizer systems in collaborative learning centers, lecture rooms and active learning spaces - Driving the creation of knowledge.

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