New Cynap case study: Future-oriented learning

WolfVision case study about the Cynap installation at the University of Oslo
Our latest Cynap case study is now available. The Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo are using Cynap as a key part of their classroom learning strategy.

In common with many educational institutions worldwide, a current major priority for the faculty is the digitisation of studies. The university looked initially to acquire a solution for recording lectures for online, on-demand usage. They have chosen to install WolfVision Cynap collaboration systems to fulfil this requirement.

However, Cynap was selected not only for its powerful recording features, but also because of the benefits of its additional multi-functional capability - such as wireless BYOD screen mirroring without the need for apps and dongles, media player, and streaming for example, which fit well with the needs of the faculty strategy to further facilitate the flexible use of digital study materials.

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