Karlsruhe County Court

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The Karlsruhe County Court has a rich history spanning more than 125 years of courtroom tradition. With a jurisdiction covering the administrative district of Karlsruhe, which currently accounts for approximately one million citizens, the Karlsruhe County Court serves both as a trial and appeal court for civil and criminal cases.

Much has changed over the last 125 years and today modern AV technology plays an essential role during many court hearings. The integration of such technology has significantly contributed to the improvement of various procedures. In 2007 a WolfVision VZ-9plus Visualizer was integrated as a portable and flexible solution in order to show evidence live on a monitor or a projection screen. Clearer images and close-ups from every perspective can now be presented instantaneously and simultaneously to all present, resulting in a higher level of efficiency and transparency. In the past visual inspection of evidence also led to interruption and delay as all parties concerned, such as lawyers, witnesses, the accused etc. had to perform inspections at the judge's bench. The WolfVision Visualizer, once again, has considerably simplified and improved this procedure.

Karlsruhe County Court, Germany

Presentation of diverse materials and objects such as the crime weapon, documents from an expert witness, x-rays or forensic evidence can all be easily and smoothly integrated into the courtroom proceedings. The large zoom range also makes it possible to show even the finest of details without any loss of image quality. Due to the WolfVision Visualizer's ease of use even inexperienced users can easily and intuitively operate the unit. The continuous auto focus, which is fast and precise, results in sharp and clear images. The user, therefore, can fully concentrate on the most important factors of the presentation and convey these effectively and efficiently to the audience. As a result, any unnecessary distractions are avoided and the concentration level of the audience, even during a long courtroom session, maintained.

The use of the WolfVision Visualizer, especially during a jury trial, has been positively acknowledged by the judges. The WolfVision Visualizer has been used in every case in the Jury Courtroom and also in the main Criminal Chamber. Apart from the outstanding image quality, the most important factors are the ease of use and the reliability of the WolfVision Visualizer.”
Senior Government Counsellor Waldenberger
Administration Manager at Karlsruhe County Court


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