WolfVision systems: Hybrid courtroom technology for the post-Covid-19 world

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in order to proceed with judicial activities whilst also adhering to current social distancing guidelines, courtrooms worldwide are undergoing rapid change.

WolfVision Cynap and Visualizer technology solutions can support new and upgraded hybrid courtroom setups, enabling simultaneous in-person and remote participation in court proceedings.

Our systems are cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-use, and they offer a customisable range of functionality for controlled presentation of evidence, together with built-in video conferencing, streaming, wireless screen sharing, recording and annotation capability.

Digital presentation of evidence
WolfVision Visualizers for high quality on-screen presentation of evidence.

Maintaining high quality content

Remote court appearance

Using a Cynap system allows remote participation for initial appearances, testimony from out-of-town witnesses or participation by counsel or a judge. The ability for a judge, counsel, or witness to attend remotely helps avoid the need for rescheduling depending on the availability of other participants, and also facilitates easier social distancing when participants do not all need to attend in-person.
Consistent hybrid meeting experience

Hybrid courtroom experience

WolfVision systems offer a consistent experience for both in-person and remote courtroom participants, and as many court participants will be expected to use the technology, importantly, WolfVision systems are extremely easy to use and administer.


Enterprise level security ensures safe, secure, and timely presentation of evidence when it is required. Many system functions such as wireless screen sharing, recording, streaming etc. can be disabled as required or strictly controlled to suit the security policies of every organisation.

Hybrid Courtroom
Remote participation and on-screen presentation of both physical and digital evidence using Cynap & Visualizer systems

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For public judicial proceedings, where access is limited or denied due to social distancing regulations, Cynap’s webcasting capability allows court proceedings to be streamed out ‘live’ to platforms such as YouTube for remote viewing by interested parties who may not be able to attend in person.
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Digital presentation of evidence

Technology-based presentation of evidence using a Cynap or Visualizer system simplifies the process and is much faster than physically moving exhibits around the room. No apps, dongles or additional software are required in order for Judges and attorneys to use a Cynap system, ensuring a user-friendly user environment that avoids any interruptions to proceedings.
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Collaboration & remote working

Using digital technology, judges and lawyers are able to access and view information remotely. Online legal documents, case bundles, libraries, scheduled hearings, and digital evidence, can be made easily available, as well as allowing communication and real-time collaboration, annotation, etc. if required.

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