Danske Bank, Copenhagen

Visualizers play key role in conference room

Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark and a leading player in the Scandinavian financial market. Their quality of service is reflected in their optimal and sophisticated facilities such as a new auditorium with an impressive glass mosaic dome which provides the ideal framework for conferences, press gatherings or TV broadcasts. Integrated part of the so-called “dome room” is a WolfVision Visualizer of the Professional Series. The Visualizer mainly appealed to the decision-makers because of its versatility.

Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael Leslie Ahlstrand, Public Relations Manager at Danske Bank says: “In the WolfVision Visualizer, we saw an “all in one”. Why have an overhead projector, a flipchart, and a whiteboard, if we can do it all on the Visualizer?” He continues, “All the actions and documents are clearly displayed on our large screen - this in a much more professional way than the overhead, with more options and in superior picture quality. On top, the room doesn't get crowded with additional equipment, helping us to maintain the elegant feel of it.” Being a financial business, most information is held digitally and presented with PowerPoint. The Visualizer is used when individual panellists bring in printed material and reports, particularly when notes have to be added or details want to be highlighted.

The versatility of the WolfVision unit has also lead to some unusual applications in the past. Michael Ahlstrand remembers; “We had one occasion when we couldn't get the presentation from the laptop of our guest speaker onto the screen due to different signal configurations. Our guest speaker unfortunately didn't carry a printed copy with him at the time which could have simply displayed with the Visualizer. The conference was close to coming to a hold. Knowing that we can also present 3-dimensional objects with the Visualizer, we suddenly had a brilliant idea. We simply placed the laptop directly on the unit and focused on the screen of the laptop. The presentation was shown directly from the laptop and displayed with the Visualizer. It worked and the conference could be continued much to our speakers relief."

In the WolfVision Visualizer, we saw an “all in one”. Why have an overhead projector, a flipchart, and a whiteboard, if we can do it all on the Visualizer?”
Michael Leslie Ahlstrand
Public Relations Manager, Danske Bank

Visualizer. The Synchronised Lightfield allows easy positioning of their documents. By using the Image Turn mode, A4 or US letter sized documents are shown in complete format and increased resolution on the large screen. The zoom provides flexibility when speakers only want to show certain details of the document. The high frame rate allows the audience to easily follow notes made on the document without disturbing strobe effect as well as smooth zoom or iris adjustments. The Text Enhancer function is often used to enhance the contrast of light copies. Being part of a high-end conference solution, the Visualizer helps to contribute to the smooth and professional operation of their venues. Michael Ahlstrand concludes, “We may have adopted the WolfVision Visualizer for some unusual purposes but its versatility has made it into an indispensable tool to guarantee the smooth running of our events.”

Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark


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