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VZ-3neo Visualizer - Saving space on the classroom lectern

WolfVision VZ-3neo installed at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan
WolfVision VZ-3neo swivel version Visualizer installed on a lectern at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan.

Tokyo Keizai University is a private school, with campuses in the cities of Kokubunji and Musashi-Murayama in Tokyo, Japan. The original school was founded in 1900 by the entrepreneur Okura Kihachiro, and it was chartered as a university in 1949. Tokyo Keizai University (TKU) focuses on the development of young people, equipping them with the skills necessary to become active in the world of international business. TKU has four faculties: Economics, Business Administration, Communication Studies, and Contemporary Law, and the university is acknowledged as having made a significant contribution to the development and success of many modern companies in Japan.

WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer installed on a lectern at Tokyo Keizai University in Japan.
VZ-3neo installed directly onto the lectern. It is folded down 90° to the left for easy storage.

In 2015 twelve WolfVision VZ-3 Visualizer systems were installed in classrooms at the university. Located in a range of different learning spaces, the Visualizers enabled the high quality on-screen display of a variety of both handwritten notes and physical objects. The University has been pleased with the excellent image quality, and noted in particular, the absence of shadows or hotspots in on-screen images. The Visualizers have also proved to be very reliable and easy to use. Subsequently, an additional four units of the latest VZ-3neo model were also installed during the period 2016-18.

When examining the requirement for additional units, TKU explained that they needed an imaging system that whilst being suitable for use on a lectern, would also not take up too much space when not in use. The solution was the installation by WolfVision partner, Eizo System Co. (ESC), of two VZ-3neo ‘swivel version’ Visualizers. As an alternative to the standard Visualizer version which comes with working plate attached, VZ-3neo units are also available to order without an attached working plate. These innovative imaging devices with a specially manufactured ‘swivel plate‘, are designed to be installed directly onto the desktop working surface. If required they can be configured to fold down for easy storage, either 90° to the right-hand or left-hand side of a lectern, podium or other desktop area, thus keeping the workspace free for other classroom materials.

WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer - the lighting system is optimised for the working area, so there is never any need to adjust the light.
The WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer lighting system is optimised for the pick-up area, so there is never any need to adjust the light.

VZ-3neo Visualizer system is an exceptionally compact unit, and it has been designed so that the camera, light system, electronic hardware, and control functions (zoom wheel etc.) are all integrated into the Visualizer arm. Lecturers never need to put an arm or hand in front of the camera in order to operate the Visualizer, which might otherwise cause unnecessary distractions during classroom sessions. The light system is optimised to provide perfect illumination for the desktop working area, and even with the ‘swivel version’ which uses the desktop as a working surface, there is still never any need to adjust the light. The 12x zoom range (6x optical, 2x digital) enables objects as large as an open book or as small as a credit card to be picked up, enlarged, and presented on-screen in 1080p high definition picture quality.

WolfVision Visualizer systems are popular throughout the world because of their excellent imaging quality, their ease of use, reliability, longevity, and their excellent range of features. This case study demonstrates how the VZ-3neo also distinguishes itself with its unique installation options. In this example, additional versatility in integration is used to great advantage at Tokyo Keizai University, in a number of learning spaces where space on the lectern is at a premium.

WolfVision Visualizer installed on the lectern at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan.
WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer enables objects of all kinds to be shown on-screen in high definition for viewing by the entire class.


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