State-of-the-art Visualizer presentation technology


WolfVision P Series Visualizer systems use state-of-the-art Visualizer technology to deliver ultimate imaging performance. They are the number one choice of Desktop Visualizer when high precision recording of objects is required, with the highest possible level of color accuracy, shadow-free illumination and maximum depth of focus. A synchronized lightfield allows for easy positioning of display materials during presentations.
There are two different models available. They have different cameras, but otherwise identical features:
  • VZ-P18 with 1-CCD camera
  • VZ-P38 with 3-CCD camera (for 100% maximum color accuracy)


Touch Screen Remote Control

The VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 are the first Visualizers on the market with a touch screen remote control and a live image preview feature.
Transmission by radio offers the advantage of a greater operating distance of more than 10 meters (33 feet) and excellent reception reliability.
The menu settings are self-explanatory and offer various user levels (simple or advanced modes).
The remote control's storage space on the unit is also its docking station, and once docked the remote control is recharged. If a Visualizer firmware update has been performed, the docking station will automatically update the remote control's firmware.

Zoom Wheel

The zoom wheel on top of the arm offers the possibility to zoom with varying individual speeds.

Synchronized Lightfield

WolfVision's patented Synchronized Lightfield allows for very easy and intuitive positioning of objects.
The illuminated part of the working surface is always identical to the pick-up area of the camera. So a user always knows exactly where to put his objects or documents.
When zooming in and out, the size of this lightfield changes accordingly. There is no need to look at a monitor.
The Synchronized Lightfield is an important feature for a professional presentation, making it almost impossible to misplace a document or object on the working surface!
If the output mode of the Visualizer is switched between 4:3 and 16:10 (Widescreen) aspect ratios, the size of the Synchronized Lightfield adapts accordingly.

Motorized Arm

With a simple press of the power key the arm raises automatically, the LCD monitor on the top mirror head comes out and the lightfield appears on the working surface.
So even switching the VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 on and off is an experience.
In addition to the arm and the LCD monitor, the top mirror is also motorized. This allows for scrolling through text in a document by just pressing the up/down keys on the remote control from anywhere in the room.
Recording behind the unit is also possible in order to pick up extremely large objects or to show objects from the side.


Extremely High Depth of Focus

The Visualizers are equipped with professional telezoom lenses with a very high depth of focus.
This is very important for working with larger 3-dimensional objects. Even at high magnification, they are always sharp from top to bottom.
The Visualizers are equipped with a One-Push Autofocus. However, due to the great depth of focus it is rarely necessary to adjust the focus.

Shadow Free Illumination

As the camera and the light projector are situated side by side within the Visualizer and follow the same path, shadows are almost completely eliminated.
During a presentation, it is often necessary to write something on a document on the working surface or to point to a certain detail with a finger or a pencil. These Visualizers are perfectly suited for this, as there are practically no shadows created, that might otherwise cover up important details.

No Light Adjustments

Due to the special light system of the P Series Visualizers, every part of the recorded picture is always perfectly illuminated.
Hollow objects or complex 3-dimensional objects are always completely illuminated - even on the inside. As a result, there is never a need to adjust the light.

Technical Description

A look on the inside of the VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 reveals the large amount of high tech:
A light projector (1) inside the unit projects a light field (7) the same size as the pick-up area of the built-in camera via the base mirror (5) and the top mirror (6) onto the working surface. The image is recorded by the camera (2) using the same path.
The lenses of the light projector (1) and the camera (2) are synchronized. Thus the size of the light field on the working surface changes when the user changes the zoom range of the camera.
This patented WolfVision scanning and illuminating system offers a number of unique advantages as described here.

Perfect Picture Quality

The physical basics of Visualizers and video cameras are identical. A large high precision lens, manufactured with high end components, creates a better image than a small, lower priced lens.
The Visualizers light projector consists of a second high end telezoom lens and an energy efficient high brightness LED lamp. Perfect light is a basic requirement for perfect picture quality.
The next important component is the camera itself. The image quality of the VZ-P18's 1-CCD camera is remarkable, only to be outmatched by the 3-CCD camera of the VZ-P38. The advantages of the 3-CCD camera are even more lifelike colours and higher resolution with very detailed coloured objects.
The electronic hardware has a very large influence on the picture quality. Once again only high end components deliver the required computing power, stability and reliability. And last but not least comes the software / firmware of the Visualizer which brings out the full potential the electronic hardware provides.
The new electronic software and hardware already required more than 10 man-years of research and development, plus the combined experience of more than 20 years with the previous units.
The Visualizers VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 are a product of ultimate perfection.


USB Host Port

The USB Host port can be used for connecting USB sticks and other "passive" USB devices. USB sticks can be used as an extension of the image memory and for uploading and downloading images.

Internal/External Image Memory

9 images can be stored and then recalled by simply pressing one of the numerical keys on the remote control.
By pressing the "all" key, a split image of all 9 pictures can be displayed, enabling easy image selection. The 9 pictures in the memory can also be downloaded to a pc via USB, and they remain in the Visualizer memory even when the power is disconnected.
When a USB stick is connected to the unit, the image memory can be extended to an almost unlimited number of images (upper limit is the capacity of the USB stick).

External Controlling

A wide range of connectivity options ensures that effective external controlling is possible. Serial RS232, USB, LAN and infrared connections can be used to control the Visualizers from external devices, such as a room control system, a videoconferencing system or a computer.


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