vSolution Meeting

The vSolution Meeting Feature Pack integrates room booking functionality into Cynap and Cynap Core systems which interfaces perfectly with your Outlook Calendar, and also features flexible ad-hoc in-room booking capability. It‘s easy to upload files in advance of a meeting, and automatically distribute them afterwards, and the on-screen quick tools bar ensures quick and easy control of all content.

Available as an optional feature pack, this outstanding upgrade gives additional flexibility when selecting an all-in-one meeting room presentation and collaboration solution.

vSolution Meeting

Starting your meeting

The in-room check-in screen offers an overview of current room availability, and prompts a meeting organiser to enter a unique PIN number in order to start a meeting.

If there are no meetings already scheduled for the room, an ad-hoc meeting can be booked using the display screen in the room, and selecting a meeting duration which does not overlap with other meetings that have already been scheduled.

The optional vSolution Meeting feature pack complements the existing features and outstanding usability of Cynap and Cynap Core, further enhancing their role as effective 'all-in-one' meeting room presentation and collaboration solutions.

vSolution Meeting

vSolution Meeting


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