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Cynap Firmware Release Info

Cynap Firmware Version v1.21/v1.22: Release Date 18.06.2018.

vSolution Cynap/Cynap Core firmware is updated regularly. Firmware version v1.21 contained all of the new features shown at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, including the new user interface, and was made available to provide an opportunity to try it in advance of its official release.

Version 1.22 contained exactly the same upgrades but retained the old user interface. New features available with these firmware versions are as follows:
  • New user interface (v1.21 only)

  • Security enhancements

  • Support for Panopto video platform (Cynap only)

  • Miracast improvements

  • Native support for Touchback control

  • Access Point switched on by default to enable initial setup.

  • Log file generator

  • vSolution Cast Pin

  • Renaming of recorded files (Cynap only)

  • Support for PowerPoint wireless clickers

Cynap firmware updates

New user interface (v1.21 only)

  • An updated user interface is available for Cynap/Cynap Core

  • To try the new interface, download and install firmware version v1.21 using the link at the bottom of this page

  • Upgrading/downgrading between versions v1.21 and v1.22 is possible in order to allow for installation and evaluation of the new user interface.
Cynap new user interfaceSample image of Toolbox in new user interface.

Sources selection with new user interface.Sources selection with new user interface.

Security enhancements

  • Disk encryption is introduced, enabling the Cynap/Cynap Core SSD to be encrypted if required.
  • Firmware updates are now signed, which prevents unsigned unofficial firmware versions from being installed.
  • To prevent against brute-force attacks on the administrator password, the system will be locked after 20 unsuccessful attempts.

Added support for Panopto video platform

  • Additional recording functionality for vSolution Cynap systems now enables them to act as a capture agent for the Panopto platform. Working in partnership with Panopto engineers, the WolfVision team has extended the existing Capture feature pack, which after activation, enables recordings made locally on Cynap to be pushed either automatically or manually to Panopto's video content management system.

Miracast improvements

  • The Miracast screen mirroring protocol is extended to enable multiple devices to screen share at the same time (max. 2 on Cynap Core, max. 4 on Cynap).
  • Miracast stability and performance is improved, and latency is reduced.
  • Miracast PIN function is now available in order to moderate screen sharing

Native support for Touchback control

  • It's now possible to use a touchscreen monitor to control a laptop wirelessly during a Cynap session. This function is now native, and does not require installation of any apps.

Access Point settings

  • Access Point settings are now switched on by default, enabling initial settings to be performed.

Log file generation

  • The Cynap/Cynap Core 'About' section now includes the possibility to generate a log file.

Renaming of recorded files

  • On starting a recording, there is now an option to rename the recorded file (this feature has to be enabled in the settings before it can be used).

Support for PowerPoint wireless clickers

  • For presenters who prefer to use a wireless USB clicker when presenting using PowerPoint, support is now provided for these devices when presenting on-screen using Cynap.

Download Cynap firmware v1.22

Download Cynap Core firmware v1.22

Download Cynap firmware v1.21

Download Cynap Core firmware v1.21


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