Germany has always been a major market for WolfVision, ever since the first Visualizers were introduced back in 1989. WolfVision sells through authorized partners only, and there are three WolfVision Sales Managers for Germany, providing additional advice, sales support, and expertise.

German postcode map

  • Klaus-Dieter Richter, Sales Manager, WolfVision Germany
  • Klaus-Dieter Richter
  • Sales Manager
  • Northern Germany
  • (Postcodes 0-3)
  • Robert Grangl, Sales Manager, WolfVision Germany
  • Robert Grangl
  • Sales Manager
  • Middle Germany
  • (Postcodes 4-6)
  • Tobias Ebinger, WolfVision Deutschland
  • Tobias Ebinger
  • Sales Manager
  • Southern Germany
  • (Postcodes 7-9)
  • Elisabeth Koller, Sales Support
  • Elisabeth Koller
  • Sales Support in Austrian office