WolfVision Canada Inc. was set up in August 1999 as WolfVision's distribution company for Canada. The sales in Canada are handled by sales rep company Datavisual Marketing.
WolfVision Canada, Inc.
500-1101 Polyteck Street
Ottawa, ON K1J 0B3
Tel: 877-513-2002 (local 613-741-9898)
Fax: 877-513-1993 (local 613-741-3747)

  • Josef Wolf, President, WolfVision Canada
  • Josef Wolf
  • President
  • Ben Kislich-Lemyre, Sales and Office Manager, WolfVision Canada
  • Ben Kislich-Lemyre
  • Sales and Office Manager
  • Paul Lemyre, Sales Representative, WolfVision Canada
  • Paul Lemyre
  • Sales Representative
  • Ed Kislich, Sales Representative, WolfVision Canada
  • Ed Kislich
  • Sales Representative