Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve collaboration in teaching, presentations and workshops, through high quality, interactive, innovative communications solutions and services. Our goal is delighted customers and users. In a constantly changing environment, with our current and future customers, we will jointly develop attractively designed innovative solutions that bring about significant benefits.

We operate according to the following principles:

1. We are a privately owned, financially independent, medium-sized, European company with strong regional roots, that is committed to its environment.

2. We are forward-looking and strive for long-term success.

3. We acknowledge market-based competition, and want to be a benchmark for our competitors. We treat our competitors with respect.

4. We strive for long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners, and want to learn from them for mutual benefit, as well as inviting them to participate in our development.

5. We recognise our employees as the most important resource in our business activities. We support our employees in their personal self-development, and ask of them the desire to innovate in order to achieve a common goal.

6. We require and encourage open, honest, tolerant and respectful treatment of our employees and partners, and seek a relationship of respect, trust, cooperation and mutual learning at all levels.

7. We are committed as a worldwide company to the core values of modern society, and recognise the applicable laws of each respective country and its institutions.

8. We want to conserve natural resources, and pass on an intact world to future generations.


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