Driving the Creation of Knowledge

WolfVision is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative presentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing systems and solutions. Internationally renowned universities and businesses use WolfVision Visualizers, the optoelectronic presentation systems technology, and vSolution, its associated integrated communications solution.
Prominent users include The United States Supreme Court, the universities of Harvard, Heidelberg, Tokyo, and University College London, as well as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Audi, Porsche, Nike, Cisco, and NASA in the corporate sector.

Committed to ‘Driving the Creation of Knowledge’, WolfVision makes continuous significant investment into research and development, and has won many awards for outstanding innovation and design performance. The company is headquartered in Austria, with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.

Setting standards worldwide

WolfVision Visualizers are well-known for their unrivalled imaging quality, which is due to the perfect combination of high quality components and remarkable expertise. Our Visualizers deliver high resolution throughout the entire picture, true-to-life colors, and consistently high frame rates to ensure smoothness of motion. They have fast and accurate autofocus and zooming, giving high quality dependable results every time! High end lenses provide distortion-free images, and high tech lighting systems deliver smooth and consistent lighting without distracting reflections or hot spots.
Our state-of-the-art YSOP1 image processing engine enables the fast and efficient processing of high volumes of data ensuring the consistent real-time display of impressive high definition pictures with unsurpassed levels of accuracy and detail.

High End Optics

We use large premium quality lenses on our products. They will always outperform the smaller inferior lenses commonly found on competitor products.

Image Sensors

WolfVision's high resolution image sensors ensure the capture of image data of the highest quality.

Electronic Hardware

WolfVision products use components only of the very highest quality delivering high performance, stability, and reliability.

Software (Firmware)

Sophisticated software maximises the hardware potential to guarantee excellent picture quality.

Lighting Systems

High brightness lighting systems with low power consumption provide smooth and consistent lighting for accurate color reproduction.


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