Cynap Latest Firmware Release Information

Cynap Firmware Version V1.19d: Release Date 20.12.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features now publicly available with the latest firmware version v1.19d are:
  • User interface improvements

  • Improvements to file organisation and handling

  • Added Echo Cancellation function

Cynap firmware updates

User interface improvements

  • Additional flexibility is now provided when configuring a Cynap system. It is now possible via a slider in the settings to hide the Snapshots, Freeze, and Help functions from the Toolbox. The Apps tab can now also be hidden.

  • For audio, the Mute Mic, Volume, and Mute audio output buttons can also be hidden if required

  • The Whiteboard and Annotation selection buttons can now be hidden from the source menu if required.

  • Sources that do not exist are no longer displayed. For example, no HDMI input will be displayed if no HDMI source is connected. Files and Cloud Files are only displayed if a cloud account is connected or if a USB stick is plugged in or a file is stored in the internal memory (snapshot / video recording).

Cynap GUI settings slidersCynap GUI settings sliders

Improvements to file organisation and handling

  • Multiple saved files can now be selected for quicker and easier transfer/upload to USB stick, cloud or network drives (depending on individual Cynap configuration).

Cynap multiple file selectionCynap multiple file selection

Cynap file handlingCynap file handling

Echo Cancellation

  • An Echo Cancellation feature has been added. An adjustable slider can now be used to adjust the delay in order to optimise audio output.

More information

Please refer to the updated Cynap manual for additional detailed information and screenshots:

Link to Cynap Manual

Download Cynap firmware Version V1.19d

Cynap Firmware Version V1.18: Release Date 02.11.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features now publicly available with the latest firmware version v1.18 are:
  • Additional cloud services: OneDrive

  • Screensaver function

  • Windows apps downloadable locally from Cynap

  • WebDAV protocol personal cloud services can be specified and used

  • Dynamic QR code option added for streaming

  • Skype for Business bandwidth optimization settings

  • Improved AirPlay, Chromecast, vSolution Cast support for second LAN port
    (no through routing between networks when screen sharing)

  • Support for NTFS formatted USB storage devices

  • Time server: new button to manually test the time

  • Variable compression to limit bandwidth usage when streaming locally

  • Added password reset mechanism

  • Added WLAN meter/counter

Cynap firmware updates

Additional cloud services: OneDrive

  • In addition to Dropbox, Google Drive, box, and Jianguoyun, access from Cynap to files stored in OneDrive is now supported.

One Drive supportSupport for One Drive cloud service

Screensaver function

  • A defined URL can be used, and 'Screensaver' selected when ending a presentation to show a webpage fullscreen
  • Alternatively the screen can be muted after a defined period of inactivity
  • Cynap can now be switched to standby after a defined period of inactivity

Cynap screensaver settingsCynap screensaver settings

Downloadable Windows apps

  • An apps tab in the toolbox menu enables Windows apps (vSolution Cast, vSolution Capture) to be downloaded directly from a Cynap system. Apps are stored locally enabling download even when an internet connection is not available.
Cynap Toolbox Apps tab.Apps tab in the Toolbox menu

Support for personal cloud services

  • Support has been added for WebDAV personal cloud services.

Dynamic QR code option added for streaming

  • For additional security, a Dynamic QR code for the Link to Stream option can be set so that the QR code and URL are changed each time a new stream is opened.
Cynap on-screen QR codeCynap QR code displayed on-screen.

Dynamic QR code optionCynap Dynamic QR code option.

Skype for Business bandwidth optimization settings

  • It is now possible to change the video compression setting in order to reduce bandwidth usage, and to improve picture quality.
Skype for Business settingsSkype for Business video quality setting.

Improved Screen mirroring support for second LAN port

  • Support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and vSolution Cast/Connect has been added to the second LAN port. Network topology is arranged so that for the 3 networks (LAN, LAN2, WLAN) that can be used with a single Cynap system, there is no through routing between each of the three separate networks.
Cynap mirroring settingsCynap mirroring settings

Support for NTFS formatted USB storage devices

  • NTFS formatted USB storage devices can now be used with a Cynap system.

Time server: new manual test button

  • A button has been added which enables manual testing of the time via a time server.

Variable compression for local streaming

  • Compression levels can now be adjusted to limit bandwidth usage when streaming locally.
Proxy server settingsProxy server settings

Password reset mechanism

  • The login screen now has a mechanism for getting a new support pin and resetting the Cynap password when a password has been forgotten.

WLAN meter/counter

  • A WLAN meter/counter has been added. In a WLAN infrastructure network with multiple access points at the same SSID, a signal level limit can now be defined in order to optimize the WLAN signal. If the signal level falls below the selected threshold, Cynap will start to search for, and then connect to another access point with the same SSID in the infrastructure (WLAN roaming). The counter records each instance of both disconnection due to loss of signal , and reconnection for monitoring purposes.
WLAN settingsWLAN settings

WLAN settings - infrastructure mode only.WLAN settings - infrastructure mode only.

Cynap Firmware Version V1.16g: Release Date 26.06.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features in the latest firmware version v1.16g are:
  • Webcasting Feature Pack

  • Office 365 Feature Pack

  • Skype for Business (Office 365 only)

  • Improved Support for UVC cameras

  • Web browser improvements

  • A proxy server can be used to control HTTP/HTTPS traffic

Cynap firmware updates

Webcasting Feature Pack

  • The new Cynap Webcasting Feature Pack enables on-screen meeting or lecture content materials to be shared online at the touch of a button, ready for live or on-demand viewing via streaming servers such as Wowza, Ustream (IBM Cloud Video) or via Facebook Live or YouTube live streaming.

  • Audiences of any size can watch the recorded videos anytime, from any location.

Office 365 Feature Pack

  • The Office 365 Feature Pack incorporates a Skype for Business client into Cynap, together with other popular Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calendar, and Mail.

  • Files are easy to access, work on, and share with teammates using Cynap, and the Skype for Business web conferencing service ensures that remote colleagues are always easily contactable.

Skype for Business (Office 365 only)

  • A Skype for Business client is now integrated into Cynap.

  • Point to point connections can now be established with any user with a Skype for Business enabled Office 365 account.

  • Communication with the remote party is further enhanced because all multi-window content displayed on Cynap can be transmitted at the same time.

  • Please note that when using Skype for Business to call iOS devices from Cynap, you may experience an intermittent issue, where on answering a call no image is shown on the iOS device. Switching quickly to the home screen (do not close the app) and then returning to the Skype for Business app refreshes the screen and pictures are then correctly displayed on the iOS device. This issue currently affects any Skype for Business source calling iOS devices, and is not unique to Cynap.

Support for UVC cameras

  • A UVC camera can now be used as a video source
UVC camera supportShows as a source in the menu.

UVC camera supportUSB camera settings.

Web browser improvements

  • The web browser start page is now customizable

  • User-defined bookmarks can now be added as required.

  • New buttons in the toolbar enable easy switching between start page and bookmarks.
Browser start page selectionBrowser start page selection.

Bookmarks can be added.Bookmarks can be added.

Home and bookmarks icons added.Home and bookmarks icons added.

A proxy server can be used to control HTTP/HTTPS traffic

  • For increased security, a proxy server can now be used to control HTTP and HTTPS traffic from Cynap.

  • When enabled, all HTTP and HTTPS traffic will be routed to the proxy server.
Proxy server settingsProxy server settings

Cynap Firmware Version V1.15e: Release Date 29.05.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features in the latest firmware version v1.15e are:
  • Added AirPlay device discovery via Bluetooth

  • Added confirmation box when changing the resolution

  • Added confirmation box for firmware updates via GUI when a prepared USB storage device is connected

  • Improved AirPlay and Chromecast connections

  • Multiple connected USB UVC audio devices are now selectable

  • Improved behavior of WebRTC, local content is now added to the stream, and included in recordings

  • Improved handling of cloud services (Dropbox and Google Drive)

Cynap firmware updates

Cynap Firmware Version V1.14: Release Date 18.04.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features in firmware version v1.14 are:
  • Additional language support

  • Support for Chinese cloud service Jianguoyun (Nutstore)

  • Extended Wi-Fi settings options

  • Google Cast is renamed as Chromecast

  • Support for vSolution Cam Visualizer

  • Default WebRTC service is now Pexip

Additional languages now supported

  • In addition to English, the Cynap GUI now supports German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Norwegian languages. Please note that additional language support does not currently extend to the help and settings sections.

Cynap language settingsLanguage settings dropdown selector is in settings.

Support for chinese cloud service Jianguoyun (Nutstore)

  • In addition to the existing Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box cloud services, support for the popular Chinese cloud service Jianguoyun is now added.

Cynap cloud services selectorJianguoyun now selectable.

Extended Wi-Fi settings options

  • Band selection
    Administrators can now choose to limit wifi band selection to either 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

  • Access point list
    The list of available access points now provides more information.

  • BSSID Settings
    Additional BSSID settings have been added which enable a Cynap system operating in infrastructure mode to now be locked onto a single access point. This is useful in installations where there there may be multiple access points available.
Cynap access point listAccess point list.

BSSID settingsBSSID settings

Google Cast renamed Chromecast

  • As per Google's recent name change. Google Cast is now called Chromecast.
Google Cast now renamed Chromecast

Default WebRTC service is now Pexip

  • The default WebRTC service has now been changed to Pexip.
Pexip is now the Cynap default web conferencing service

Cynap Firmware Version V1.12: Release Date 06.02.2017

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features included in firmware version v1.12:
  • Capture Feature Pack (optional)

  • IP camera source compatibility

  • Second LAN port for room management systems

  • Control of third party peripherals

Cynap firmware updates

Opencast Capture Feature Pack (optional)

  • An optional Capture Pack is now available for Cynap. Additional settings on Cynap can now be used as a capture agent enabling recording functionality to be controlled remotely by an Opencast server.

  • Our lecture capture solution is designed to be used with the Opencast environment (open source lecture capture server software). It is not compatible with other systems.

  • With Cynap you can record the main screen and an additional video file being recorded at the same time, for example from an IP camera.

  • Recorded video can either be recorded to internal storage or to an external hard drive.

  • After capture, the recorded file can be uploaded onto the Opencast server.

IP Camera Source Capability

  • This firmware update also adds IP camera source capability. Receiving a stream from an IP camera is an important feature particularly when used in a lecture capture application, because it enables recording of the presenter or lecturer alongside the recorded content material.

Second LAN Port for RMS

  • The second LAN port that was previously only available for Visualizer use can now be used for a second LAN connection if required, for installations where a room management system is being utilized.

Control of Third Party Peripherals

  • Control of complementary products has been added to Cynap. It's now possible to configure Cynap so that it can control connected peripheral devices - eg. the power on / power off of connected monitors.

Cynap Firmware Version V1.10i: Release Date 23.11.2016

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features included in firmware version v1.10i were :
  • New cloud service: Box

  • Modification to handling of user settings

  • Annotation, collaboration, and PIN handling updates

  • Loop function in the media player for local video and audio

  • New AirPlay PIN option in Open Mode

  • Revised streaming settings (RTP/RTSP stream, configurable TTL settings

  • Increased security: HTTPS/TLS/SSL options

  • vSolution Cast for Android (device discovery / Cast ID)

  • Additional audio functionality

Cynap firmware updates

New Cloud Service: Box

  • In addition to the existing Dropbox and Google Drive cloud services, Box is now added as an additional option.
Box is now selectable as a cloud service.

Modified Handling of User Settings

  • Loading and saving of user settings has been adjusted to provide better usability. Users will now be advised what settings are found on the USB stick.

  • When saving settings, the user will also get a message advising what settings are saved.

  • To avoid any security issues, user settings are always loaded as a single block, and will replace any existing user settings that could be remaining on a Cynap system, (eg. if a previous user forgot to log out). On-screen messages will explain what is happening when loading settings.

On-screen user settings message

Annotation, Collaboration, and PIN Handling

These features have been further developed and improved, ready for the next development stage (where in addition to annotation, collaboration sessions will also enable multiple users to collaborate on and edit documents, if the technical prerequisites are in place).

PIN handling
  • The extra PINs (moderator, collaboration users, and AirPlay PINs) mean that a reworking of PIN handling was necessary.
  • Instead of pop-up dialogs, PINs are now displayed in the status bar.
  • In the settings when using Moderator Mode, it is now possible to select whether or not the PIN is displayed on the HDMI2 output screen (system can be adapted to suit infrastructure and customer requirements).
Collaboration Session
  • The back button can be used to temporarily stop an annotation session without losing all logged in users (eg. to continue with a PowerPoint presentation, and return to an annotation session at a later time).
  • Using the 'X' button ends the annotation session as before.
Collaboration settings
  • In preparation for future interactive sessions, collaboration settings can now be selected (currently only relevant for annotation).

Message for temporarily stopping annotation using the back button.

Collaboration settings for the administrator.

Loop Function for Audio and Video Files

  • A loop function has now been added to the media player, available for both video and audio files.

Control bar with video loop icon.

AirPlay PIN Option in Open Mode

  • Using an AirPlay PIN is now an additional option when working in Open Mode. Please watch the video opposite for more information.

AirPlay PIN settings for the administrator.

Streaming Settings

  • Streaming settings have been revised. In addition to the existing RTP streaming setting, it is now also possible to select RTSP streaming. RTSP is a user friendly streaming protocol that requires less configuration.

  • Note: vSolution Capture version 1.3 does not support RTSP streaming yet.

  • A major additional benefit of the RTSP setting is that in the future it will enable the Cynap built-in access point to send out a stream to multiple devices

Streaming settings for the administrator.

vSolution Cast for Android (Device Discovery / Cast ID)

  • vSolution Cast device discovery for Android is now implemented, and an an app is now available in the Google Play Store.

  • vSolution Cast apps for iOS and Android enable mobile devices to connect wirelessly to Cynap in network environments where the Bonjour or mDNS device discovery services are disabled. Please watch the video opposite for more information.

Network Security

  • Access to Cynap can be limited to secure connections only (https). The connecting application needs to support SSL/TLS (most modern browsers are supporting HTML5 and SSL/TLS).

  • Please note that vSolution Cast is not currently supporting SSL, which means that no control through the app is possible.

  • Attention: Firmware version v1.10 offers the possibility to select enhanced security options for Cynap. Updates to WolfVision software and apps to be fully compliant with these increased security options will follow shortly. This is necessary in order to fully benefit from these upgraded security options, and we will give regular updates on progress.
More information about software/apps

Additional Audio Settings

  • It is now possible to use a USB microphone for all purposes - not just for WebRTC applications.

  • Some additional audio controls and functionality have been added.

Cynap firmware version V1.08g: Release date 07.09.2016

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features included in the latest firmware version v1.08g are :
  • Dual Screen Mode developments

  • New user levels

  • 802.1x authentication over LAN cable

Cynap firmware updates

Dual Screen Mode

Visitors to our booth at InfoComm USA got a preview of this feature. At that time, there were some restrictions in functionality in the areas of annotation, recording, streaming, and audio. Based on feedback received, an improved version is now available, which overcomes some of these limitations.

There are now three modes:

Mirroring Mode
  • Both displays have the same content (one or more windows)

  • UHD, FHD, and HD resolutions can be selected

Content Mode
  • One display is used as a preview display, and a second display shows the content (material can be automatically pushed to the second display screen using the priority list settings, or manually via an icon in the control bar).

  • Limitation is that annotation, recording, and streaming only works on the preview display.

  • FHD and HD resolutions can be selected.

Moderator Mode
  • Annotation, recording and streaming works on the public display (content is pushed to the second display either via a selectable priority list or manually by using an icon in the control bar)

  • When using a source with audio, eg. a video, audio will only be output after the source is pushed to the second screen.

  • Output resolution in this mode is limited to 1080p

  • At InfoComm we got feedback that the speaker should be able to switch between Mirroring and Moderator modes (without going to the admin settings). This request is implemented and, if configured by the admin, the speaker now gets an additional button in the toolbox.

Selectable modes in settings.

Settings for the Admin

Button in the Toolbox (toggles between Mirroring Mode and Moderator Mode):

New user levels

  • Additional user-levels are necessary for development of annotation applications, and in the future also to provide a practical solution for certain collaboration situations (eg. collaboration of multiple users on a single document using Cynap).

  • In addition to the already existing admin, and user levels, a separate level for room control systems is introduced (with password) and a level for moderators, providing additional rights (password or PIN, configured by the administrator).

  • When a moderator logs in with a password or PIN, a collaboration session can be started (currently only if annotation is active) using a private PIN code which allows several users to work together.

Admin settings

Moderator login

Annotation: view for logged-in admin / moderator with collaboration PIN activated.


  • Support is now added for 802.1x authentication over LAN cable connections, for example, for connections between a Cynap and a RADIUS server.

Cynap firmware version V1.06: Release date 27.06.2016

vSolution Cynap firmware is updated regularly. New features included in firmware version v1.06 were:

  • Support for Chromecast/Google Cast mirroring

  • WebRTC (the route to webconferencing)

  • Dual screen mode

  • vSolution Cast app for iOS/ Cast ID

  • Audio player

  • Upload to network storage

Cynap firmware updates

Support for Chromecast/Google Cast screen mirroring

Aware of the limitations of Miracast, (eg. the one device at a time restriction) major companies such as Google wanted a better solution for Android device mirroring, and this is why Chromecast was developed. Support for simultaneous Chromecast screen mirroring of up to four Android devices is now added to Cynap.

At the moment only recent Android devices have built-in support for Chromecast mirroring – but older devices can still also connect to Cynap using the Google Cast app. This will change as more devices get native support.

For BYOD purposes, most users are interested in screen mirroring, and this is why we’ve provided support - making Cynap a really versatile solution for the meeting room or lecture hall. Note: There is no Chromecast support for third-party apps.

Additionally, Windows PC, Mac, and Chromebook users can also mirror their browser contents or entire desktop by using the Chrome browser plug in.

Chromecast settings in the OSD.

WebRTC base technology

Base WebRTC technology is now incorporated into Cynap and this is a first step, demonstrating what will be possible for webconferencing with Cynap in the future. WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capability. The WebRTC components have been optimized to best serve this purpose. The WebRTC initiative is a project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera, amongst others and various browsers and operating systems are supported.

WebRTC allows us to make our first experiences with this exciting technology, and also explore the real needs from Cynap customers. This will be the driver for further developments. WebRTC cannot fulfil the need for compatibility with Skype for Business for example, or other proprietary communication protocols used by the many available webconferencing solutions. This need is already identified and we are looking for a solution to meet this expectation. The final webconferencing solution for Cynap will follow at a later date.

With the WebRTC feature a there is also an additional benefit that support is now provided for USB cameras and microphones used during web meetings (USB Video and Audio class). The following devices have been tested:

Logitech Conferencecam PTZ Pro
More details

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
More details

WolfVision Cameras with UVC-support (eg. EYE-14)

Revolabs xTag™ USB Wireless Microphone System
More details

Revolabs HD™ Single/Dual or FLX™ with USB audio kit to connect to USB port
More details

For Cynap compatibility, third-party devices must comply to standard USB Video and/or Audio Class.

Settings in OSD.

Webconference icon.

Result on display.

Result on browser (Chrome) at remote side.

Dual screen function

This feature enables a second display screen to be used to display content from one of the existing open windows on the first monitor in fullscreen. The reasons for its implementation are as follows:
  • To give additional flexibility to universities and organizations who currently use two screens in fullscreen side by side.
  • For the WebRTC implementation, a dual screen solution is required.
  • If required, one screen can be used as a control dashboard, and a second screen can now be used as the main screen.
The current implementation can be also seen as teaser in conjunction with the WebRTC feature. The following limitations should also be considered:
  • Recording or streaming of the second screen is not possible
  • No annotation on second screen (except when whiteboard is pushed to second screen)
  • Statusbar (and all the related information) is not displayed on second screen

Icon for controlling dual screen feature manually.

Settings in OSD.

Results on two displays (before).

Results on two displays (after).

vSolution Cast app for iOS/Cast ID

The vSolution Cast app for iOS is used in network environments where the Bonjour service (device discovery protocol) has been disabled. The app enables a manual search for Cynap devices, after which users can connect via AirPlay in the usual way.

When activated, the Cast ID appears in the top toolbar of the display screen. The code is used as an alternative to the IP address to add a particular Cynap device to a list of available AirPlay receivers.

Settings in OSD

Result on display (Cast ID for LAN interface in this example).

Audio player

Audio files can be integrated into presentations, either from a USB stick or from a cloud service. Supported file formats are mp3, ogg, oga, mka, and wma.

Upload to network storage

Files can now be uploaded from a Cynap device for network storage.